About Me

I’m Kittipat Kampa, and people call me by my nickname “Bot” (from Botany.) I’m now a PhD student at University of Florida, Gainesville. This is my personal homepage which contains both my personal items and my works.

Personally I’m interested in using mathematics and statistics (and, of course, with common sense) to help describe all sorts of phenomena, for instance, engineering problems, Biology, Politics, music, universe, emotions, religious, life, etc,. The beauty is that mathematics transform the original problem into a new domain that is more generalized and more accessible for people with different perspectives and background.

Another thing that I have been being interested is “learning.” I have a feeling that learning ability is such a beautiful, precious and powerful thing since it makes one a better person and makes things adapt and survive eventually. Without learning ability, we may be just a victim of uncertainty. I am so amazed by this ability and strive to find the answer to the question “How can things learn?

Both mathematics and learning philosophy have been motivating me to further my curiosity into the area of Machine Learning. This is what I am happy to work with.

Rather than the academic works, I also

Likes: tennis, ping-pong, cats, dogs, music, Guitar, song writing,reading, Mangas, movie, love

Dislikes: washing dishes, laundry, morning, Monday, hatred


  • I believe that music is an audible version of mathematics. That means we all get emotional by merely a series of numbers!
  • I believe that as long as human curiosity, creativity, honesty and ambitiousness last, mathematics never ends
  • I believe that I’m not a nerd, but some nerds will like my website (if my website can possibly be finished one day in the near future)

My CV and Short Bio

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