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How to Install Ubuntu?

When installing Ubuntu on a hard drive with existing operating systems, you might want to either make a dualboot or overwrite the existing operating systems. Although Ubuntu is made as easy as possible to install, some technical terms can be confusing for a beginner, leading questions like “What is a mount point?”, “What file system should I use?”, “What is swap?”, etc. Therefore in this post, I would like to share with you some tutorial websites I found very understandable:

Step by step How to install Ubuntu

Ubuntu installation guide: Contain information about the Linux terminologies

How big my swap can be?

In summary, there should be 4 partitions:

  • / –> Root partition:  partition onto which the operating system will be installed. Recommended size is 30% of the free space
  • /home  –> partition onto which the data will be stored on. Recommended size is the rest of the free space
  • /swap –> the partition that occasionally can be used as memory when it is low on RAM. The recommended size (read more) is:
    • 1 GB – 2 GB -> 1.5 times the size of RAM
    • 2 GB – 8 GB -> Equal to the size of RAM
    • more than 8GB -> 0.75 times the size of RAM
  • /boot –> The boot loader: the partition that handles how to boot the computer. You can leave the installer to deal with it, except that you are an advanced user
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