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Comparing 2 text files

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Most of the time when you want to compare 2 text files, you might get used to using the command

diff old.tex new.tex

in terminal. Recently, I just found a program to do the job beautifully and, most importantly, FREE. Try ExamDiff, it works pretty well for me.

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pdflatex gives error when compiled with .eps figures

March 24, 2011 2 comments

The command pdflatex can take only figures with .pdf extension, and unfortunately I mostly output my figures in .eps, which means that I have to convert all figures to .pdf. If there are only a handful of figures, manually converting the figures one by one is acceptable using the command (in the terminal)

epstopdf figure_file.eps

However, when there are hundreds of figures, we may not want to do that. Instead, one might want to simply write a batch file to convert all the figures automatically. Instructions for writing a batch file can be found in this web page:

I have my very easy code available to try here. For an advanced user, you can list all the file names inside a directory and use for-loop to convert the file one by one. There are some people suggest using ImageMagick, but I found that is not so convenient :-P.