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My first LaTeX

Normally I use Microsoft word to type up all my equations. That’s a lot of work to do. I keep postponing using LaTex for years, but now I think the time arrives!!! This is my note on LaTex.

\title{My first LaTex}
This is a test

p(\bar x | \bar y) &=& \frac{1}{2} \exp \left \{ \sum _{i \in S} A_i(x_i,\bar y) +\sum _{i \in S} \sum_{j \in N_i} I_{ij}(x_i,x_j,\bar y) \right \}
\rho \varrho \mathcal{N}
As shown in eq (\ref{Drf}), $ \rho A=mc+b$ mass is equivalent to energy.


Note on impressive thing:

  • summation, and parenthesis need not to be symmetry!!!
  • equations can be reference easily
  • in-line eqati0n can be done easily by $equation here$
  • to run the compiler pdflatex filename.tex

Here are some useful links:


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