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Self-Organizing Maps (SOM)

SOM is a method to reduce dimensionality of data/feature which is useful for data visualization, and learning on manifold. Here are some references.

  • SOM on Wikipedia [link]
  • SOM on Scholar pedia [link]
    • There are some recommended books in the website
  • SOM website [link] by Prof. Kohonen himself
    • SOM MATLAB toolbox [link]
  • SOM book [link] by Prof. Kohonen
  • Neural Networks – A Systematic Introduction [e-book] by Raul Rojas also contains a chapter on Kohonen map.

I heard from Dr. Jose Principe (after we were back from WSOM2009 in St. Augustine) that even though SOM works well in practice, there have been nobody completely understand how SOM work yet. This might be a motivation for you to figure out!

It might be helpful if we build a bridge between SOM and other popular dimensionality reduction method like LLE, ISOMAP, MDS or even PCA. There might be something there that helps you understand SOM better.

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