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List of mathematics competitions

May 28, 2009 1 comment

This link lists so many very interesting mathematics competitions around the world [link]

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Combinatorics programming

SUBSET is a MATLAB library which performs various combinatorial operations. [link]

Set Patition MATLAB code by Bruno Luong [link]

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Dataset for machine learning and computer vision

Here are some database for image segmentation/classification

  • NEC Animal Dataset [link]
  • Microsoft Research Object Classification Dataset [link]
  • Microsoft Research Webcam Foreground/Background Dataset [link]
  • Motion-based Segmentation and Recognition Dataset (Cam Vid) [link]
  • The PASCAL Object Recognition Database Collection [link] — this page links to other image databases.
  • UCI image database [link]
  • Berkeley Image Database [link]
  • Caltech 101 [link]
  • LabelMe [link]
  • collections of popular image database from Princeton Vision Lab [link]