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Note from the class “Web Skills for Everyone”

soundslides –> add narrator and sound to the slides http://www.soundslides.com/

Professional themes for wordpress at http://www.revolutiontheme.com/

google jockeying (GJ) –> speech to text –> automatic GJ software invisible web — book find it online — book e-learning facilities is an interesting business!!! speech recog that distinguish the speaker –> class room log internet archive: waybackmachine to check the owner of a website: betterwhois criteria for a website validation –> berkely lib website find RSS, bloglines.com, google reader —> read .xml file

We can do database on website — For me, it looks like doing it with SQL.
Go to http://www.caspio.com/
You can also do
1) Table on your blog
2) Search engine inside your blog
3) You can represent the data on Google map***

Map and places http://www.fmatlas.com
With ATLAS, we can make a lot of thing like google map does. You can put places, comment, anything on the map.
1) One interesting thing is that if we have multiple places saved as .cvs format, then we can upload the address to the Atlas easily. I don’t think google map support this feature though.
2) We can make a map, then let others to add their interesting places in our maps as we are the moderator for those maps.
3) You can also put the map on your blog.

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