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Download FLV from YouTube and convert to AVI or MP3

How to download .flv from YouTube
If you are using the browser Firefox, you can easily download .flv file from the website by simply using an add-on “DownloadHelper”. Please refer to the link below

There are so many softwares that can download the video file from YouTube. However, I prefer using the firefox add-on, DownloadHelper since it’s really easy.

How to convert FLV file to AVI
Of course, AVI is like a crucial material for any kind of video/media file. Once we can convert a file to AVI, then we can go from there to all types of file so easily. There are a lot of freeware of this sort. The one I’m using right now is Pazera Free FLV to AVI converter.
This link also contains tons of other media file converters.

How to convert/rip FLV to MP3
Again there are a lot of freewares on the internet. The one I’m using is http://www.flv2mp3.com/
I think the website works pretty well, so far as good. The website not only converts the file from URL, but also can convert the file on your machine as well. The website will upload the video from the source, then convert the FLV to MP3. When finish, you will get a small window pop up and ask you to save the MP3 file on your machine. However, the file does not have extension, don’t panic, you just put the extension .mp3 afterward and every thing will work just fine!

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