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A Way of Music

Today I found an interesting quote by Ramsey Lewis. I feel so inspired after reading the statement in which describes about a way of music, learning and life. I am also one among those who love to compose and play music, and there are so many times that I wonder how they (great composers) come up with great melodies or chords that extremely influence the audiences. To just listen and percept those tunes is simply aesthetic already but once one is conscious enough to realize and have a question like “how is it built?” then it is even more aesthetic. This statement below of Mr. Ramsey Lewis may lie some hints or clues or inspiration for those who are willing to not-stop in the long way of music.

You are as good as you desire to be, but never perfect, though you strive to be. You look for that chords you never find, but in the process you find other chords along the way. You look for a beautiful melody, and you end up discovering many. Music keeps me young at heart and helps me sustain that childlike curiosity. It keeps me in awe of nature and the universe. The arts, in my case music, are the balance one needs in one’s life to be a full, total human being.

– Ramsey Lewis

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  1. Mikie
    January 16, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    this is one of my new favorite quotes! exactly how I feel about music, learning, and nature. to me they are one and the same.

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