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Internet as a great tool for future learning and education

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Internet is a great revolution in learning and education, it help delivers the content and information to the audience regardless of space and time (anywhere and anytime) on the audience’s demand. I totally agree with that, however, I have another strong point of how internet impacts the learning/education society.

Without a good motivation in the content and a good technique to present the information, internet cannot make a content look so attractive at all. That is why we have 1-starred through 5-starred on the YouTube videos. I think the question would be more like “How can we use internet to represent information for learning and education wisely?”

Nowadays, computer is like the center of nerves. Why? That is because computer can translate/convert all kinds of information into visual graphic, sound, moving picture, and so on which works like an important part of our nerve system. That seems true, but don’t forget that a good processor like computer would be meaningless without an information transportation system which most likely be internet.

Hence, internet and computer work like a translator that take advantage of having all kinds of visualizing tools to make a complicated data look simple and understandable to the audience. That is the great power to make people understand things so fast and feel like the information is more reachable. Imagine when you have to learn a very complicated equation which is not possible to plot on a plain paper. If someone just make a video showing the surface of the equation in 5D turning around and changing the color and post the video on YouTube, it would be easier for you o understand the equation. If a picture speaks thousand words, the I think video speaks hundreds of thousand words.

Internet make people connected, when people get connected, people can learn so many perspectives from one another. It is like playing jigsaw, one may see a piece to fit in a blank whereas another one may see another piece fit in another blank. This way the complete picture can be created so fast from the cooperation among the users.

The impact of internet will totally change the shape of the world. At present, people may learn from blackboard or pencil-paper, but in the near future I think people will have to learn a lot from multimedia since people will make multimedia feel like a human than pencil-paper does. Interactive multimedia make people feel as if they were in the class room with the instructor. One may ask if how can you ask a question to the virtual instructor? Believe it or not, some NLP (Natural Language Processing) machine can do the job pretty well for general questions that are not too technical. There are tons of good solutions for this, just wait and see.

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between you going to Hawaii and you sitting in front of an extremely high resolution TV showing Hawaii? Yeah, it’s big difference, you sitting in front of the huge TV, you won’t feel the breeze, you won’t feel wet, you won’t feel the sand. How about if I have some sensors embedded to your skin and the signal mimic the breeze, the temperature of Hawaii and also the sand. This way you will feel everything as if you go to Hawaii by your physical body. Do you think it is possible? I think it is, but it’s just the matter of time on when can we use that kind of technology.

Remember, gas price is going up and one day the gas will be out of this world. How can you travel? It might not be a good idea to go to work at your physical office by wasting $10-gas price just to go to sit and work there. How about we work in virtual world. Physically sit in front of your screen in your living room, wear 3D-goggle, earphone, brain-signal tapping hat. Then you can talk with your colleagues virtually walk in the virtual company. Do whatever you want over there. A cool thing is that when you and your colleagues have a meeting, you can use all of technology to present your idea. You can do 3D plot/video in the air, your friends can walk around and see it at the different angles.

Now the way we defined “relationship” and “society” is going to change forever. It’s interesting on how it would go actually.

However, there are also down sides of this technology in learning. I think we need to investigate how this kind of multi-tasking things will affect human brain and behaviors. That is because once you have internet, one thing that you would take advantage of it is doing multi-tasking. There are a lot more down sides that I haven’t surveyed and haven’t be able to imagine.

All in all, I still want to stay in the middle and believe that balancing in everything is what we need to do. Plus we don’t just use it but use it wisely.

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Structure-Learning By Dynamic Tree Bayesian Networks (DTBNs)

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IN DTs, to search for a good structure is a very important issue. Changing the structure randomly will make the program so slow, we wneed to find some ways to come up with some good structures.

1) Map structure to structure space. This way when we search for structure, it is as if we are walking on the surface where each point on the surface is one unique structure.

2) After that we can perform any search algorithm on it, for example steepest decent, SA or even ITL. I think I would like to try to use QMI-ED to update the structure.

3) You can imagine the following. When you are standing on he surface, the height of the surface represents the log likelihood. YOu can only see the surface near to you, not too far away. Then from the information about the neighborhoods of the point you are standing at, you will make the next move based on the information for the neighborhood.

4) If we are at the point x on the surface, and somehow we can manage to get the neighborhood of x, ne(x). From x and ne(x), we can use an appropriate kernel to make a smooth pdf out of them. From the smooth surface, we can do whatever we want, for example we can do SA or we can use steepest decent, whatsoever method.

5) SA + kernel = kernel annealing is also an interesting option.

— some literatures

chemistry – molecular stability –> how to find a good structure of molecule
A new measure of edit distance between labeled trees (pdf)

read combinatorics, ask Adrian….structure space.

Map from Atlas

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Places for me in Gainesville

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Databank — Jacksonville

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This is the link to access all kinds of information database.

Very interesting!

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Real-Time RTS Bus location

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Visit the site for the real-time RTS bus location running in Gainesville and UF campus.

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Hell Spies — The Extreme Mission Beyond The World

2 Spies try to get back the ancient Mayan harddrive. The enemy base is extremely dangerous, filtration from spies are almost impossible. But that’s not the case for them, the well-trained a-rank spies, because they are…The Hell Spies.

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