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Transfer existing domain names to another web-hosting company

Q. Can I transfer existing domain names to Bluehost?

A. Absolutely. To transfer an existing domain name just use the transfer client option when placing your order through the on-line order form. Once your account is setup, follow these steps, make sure to read all of the information before initiating the transfer.

1. Contact current registrar to unlock the domain and change the name servers to
ns1.bluehost.com and ns2.bluehost.com “Please wait 24 hours for the name servers to propagate”.
2. Login in to BlueHost cpanel.
3. Click on domain manager.
4. Click on the registrar transfer icon (looks like two circling arrows).
5. Complete the registrar transfer wizard.
6. Respond appropriately to all emails sent from your current registrar and BlueHost.com.

Note: All of the emails will be sent to the administrative contact for the domain name. You will want to make sure when you are unlocking the domain name that you update all of the contact information for your domain name. Also please allow 24 hours for the domain name to unlock before you initiate the transfer process. The transfer process can take up to 10 business days make sure that your domain name will not expire in this time frame as this could create potential problems with the transfer.

Also when doing the transfer of the domain our registrar will require that you add an additional year to the domains registration which will cost 10 dollars per domain. “Unless this is your main domain, in which case BlueHost.com will pay the 10.00 fee”. The transfer process can take up to 7 days so make sure that the name servers are pointing to bluehost’s name server to avoid service interruption.

from http://helpdesk.bluehost.com/kb/index.php?mod_id=2&id=46&kb_rating=yes

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