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life and iteration in an equation

life is like an interation

sometime right sometime wrong

if you can find the closed-form solution, that’s great –> wisdom

but if not, you have to iterate (make a wise assumption and try it)–> hopefully it will converge to a unique solution. But when? I don’t know..depends on the problem (in your life) and your algorithm (lifestyle or the method you choose to solve a problem in your life).

How about if it does not converge?

How about local minima? –> can be solved by being broad minded to try something else that not too much penalize your life. Be more relax is a way to overcome local minima hee hee hee.

But if too much relax, you will never get to the convergence. You will do random walk for the entire space. Don’t forget that time is limited for your life!!!

So it’s not always restricted that you will have to aim for only the global maximum or minimum, come on, just find a proper local optimum to stay, to dig in…..that’s enough. When “time” is a constraint then being “enough” is the key!

On this kind of high dimensional surface, life surface, the global optimum is always good, but not the best! Solution for this surface is not necessary to be the global optimum, a proper local optimum is what we aim for!

How to solve for that “proper” local optimum with this “iterative-like” life with given “time” constraint?


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